Social Media Management

Making social media work for you 

Managing social media can be a daunting task​. There are so many different accounts that need specific types of posts and it can be overwhelming. By keeping things simple, consistent, timely, and relevant across all your platforms you will see how social media can change your business for the better.  

consistency is key

Your branding is the first thing consumers are going to relate to your business. Sure you want to make it is pretty and clean but you also want to make it consistent across all platforms so that your brand is recognizable anywhere. By creating a branding kit you can make sure every post works specifically for your brand. 

Scheduling Ahead

Coming up with something to post every day for multiple accounts can be draining and just downright annoying. By creating a content schedule that focuses on what is important for your business you will be able to get ahead and schedule days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Outreach and Engagement

Social media is the new way to stay connected with consumers and your community. Why not use it to your advantage to create lasting relationships with crossposting and campaigns that benefit you and your community? By making and managing these relationships you can ensure more business for you and your community.

Highland row Apartments

  • Composed a monthly newsletter to keep residents informed on local and property events.

  • Create, plan, and execute resident events for current and future residents.

  • Manage social media pages and produce content using Canva and Hootsuite.

  • Assist managers in creating/marketing sales specials to increase traffic and leases for the property as well as outreach tactics to local businesses.


  • Manage social media pages and produce content using Canva and Keller Willams' Command Center.

  • Assist agent in creating and curating engaging content for potential buyers and sellers.

  • Create physical mailing campaigns and care packages for FSBOs.

  • Plan and schedule relevant posts/videos/polls on a weekly basis to maintain presence consistency.

Weichert Realtors


  • Marketed properties by taking photos and producing video tours of each property.

  • Promoted available properties through Facebook and Youtube.

  • Implemented target marketing software Tenant Turner which allows property managers to prescreen tenants and have their properties show up for prequalified tenants.